Case study: Chopit

Chief Product Officer2017


On January 13, 2017, Chopit was founded with 300k euros from 10 angle investors.

I worked with the team from March to April 2017 as their Chief Product Officer. In essence, the plan was to rescue the products failing user KPIs.

Problem statement

User (customer)

Users (shoppers) need to physically visit local retailers to see if they have products which meet their buying needs.


Small beautique to medium size retailers, do not have a channel to promote their products to potential shoppers.




  • Client workshops
  • Client interviews


  • Vision statement
  • Product roadmap
  • Success Metrics
  • Competitive Analysis Reports

During the Strategy stage, I conducted workshops with the CEO, CTO and Marketing Director. We focused on both their initial beliefs and what their perceptions were now.



  • Interviews with shoppers
  • Interviews with retailers
  • Analytic Data


  • Question/answer cards
  • Data converted into users journeys
  • Data from support chats and emails.

During the research stage, I lead a series of shopper interviewers on the streets of Gracia, Barcelona. I interviewed retailers and documented retailing environment (work practices) observations.



  • UX Workshops


  • Infinity map (goals)
  • Personas
  • Experience maps
  • Requirements documents
  • User-task matrices
  • User goals matrices

I lead several series of workshops designed to breakdown the information. Focus was given to seporation into themes, groups, connetions, paths and current systems the shoppers were using in their daily lives.



  • Brainstorming (Ideation)
  • Lean UX workshops (Agile focused)
  • UI design studios
  • Visual design studios


  • Sketches
  • Users stories
  • Content architecture
  • Wireframes (Low fidelity)
  • Flow diagrams
  • Prototyping
  • System diagrams

Workshops focused on producing user journies (mobile views) as the driving force for product design. These whiteboard versions (low fidelity wireframes) were then converted into sketch (high fidelity) mockups.



  • Prototyping using


  • Prototype

Sketch (high fidelity) mockups were used to create user experience simulations. These prototypes were then taken to the streets of Gracia, Barcelona for real shopper testing.



  • Usability testing
  • KPI analysis
  • Engagement data


  • Usability report
  • Data summary report

Development / QA


  • Manage requirements implementation

Teams and roles set-up

  • CEO
  • CTO
  • Marketing Director
  • 8 Marketers
  • 2 Full-Stack developers

The company follows the agile methodology with sprints. Care was taken to combine UX methodologies like Lean and merged that into the agile development lifecycle.


Chief Product Officer

I joined the team in March 2017 as the CPO due to increasing concerns by investors regarding user retention and engagement.

I started a campaign of on-street research using the large team of street marketers. From this research, it was clear that the product had not understood the needs of the users which it was trying to serve.

I took all the research and data, analysed it and designed a new application using ideation workshops. I then tested the prototype with real shoppers to confirm the application met their primary needs.

I then lead a team of developers using Agile sprints.

The project was closed later in the year when further investment could not be acquired.