Christopher Barklem

Senior UX Designer & Product Designer

Designing functional ways to create value for users.

What to expect

As a product designer, most of the work I do never is seen in public. Assets such as Business Model Canvases, Value Proposition Canvases, Empathy Maps, Culture Maps, User (Customer) Journey Maps, Personas, Wireframes, Mockups, UI Components and Prototypes will always remain the exclusive property of my clients.

In this portfolio, I focus on my broad experience over many years. My workflows, methods, processes and the challenges faced by each of the many project I have had the privilege to work on.

I have amassed over 20 years experience of designing products from the physical such as interior design, furniture and physical products. To the digital world of branding, animation, graphic design, web design, web applications design and mobile applications.

I continue to expand my knowledge, tools and experience in the innovative sector of User Experience and Product Design.


Senior UX Designer2018

Data Science Web Application

BigData / Machine Learning / Data Visualization

A global leader in data visualization for data scientists.


UX Designer2018

Progressive Web Application / Mobile Application / Website


A Sample case study as part of the Trovit interview process which was successful, however after onboarding we decided that our paths were not aligned.

Case study


Chief Product Officer2017

Mobile and web application (Deseased)

Chopit was a mobile and web application where users could find thousands of products from the retail stores around them.

A window for merchants and retailers to engage shoppers, promote products and compete with the larger retail chains.

Case study


Senior UX Designer2017

Web application

A leading property management system and guest experience platform.

Designing SAAS systems and advising on user experience enhancements.

Case study coming soon.

Strands Finance / MoneyStrands

Creative Director2008-2013

Mobile and web application

Strands Personal Financial Manager (PFM) is an award-winning personal finance application that drives engagement between account holders and financial institutions.

Case study